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Wealth Talk With Munyaradzi Hwengwere.


The story of Blessing Mandipira who rose from being a gardener to an established motivational speaker and speech coach who has to date trained a number Chief Executive Officers and government officials is both intriguing and inspiring.

Not many have challenged their situation and looked deeper inside themselves to aim for higher grounds and Mandipira’s rise from humble beginnings could best be described as a journey in uppercase but he believes it is out of hard work and determination that he is where he is now.

Speaking to GreatDykeTV during the weekly series of Wealth Talk with the Buy Zimbabwe founder and Minex Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere, Mandipira said he worked very hard to change the title of being called a garden boy to a public speaker.

Below is the full interview.

From Gardener To A Motivational Speaker

This week we profile the amazing story of Blessing Mandipira, a man who lost his parents at a very young age.From being fired as a gardener, he persevered until he became one of Africa's most sought after public speakers and he now owns a public speaking school in Zimbabwe.

Posted by Yafm 91.8 on Thursday, 6 August 2020


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