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How To Make Millions Out Of USD$15.


The story of Banabasi Marambire sounds like a fairy tale. At one point it seems all was lost in life with both of his parents having died when he was at the tender age of thirteen.

From dreams of success to be a medical doctor, Banabasi found himself herding cattle and earning a meagre USD$15. Far from allowing the odds to beat him Banabasi demonstrated the transformative power of dreaming and following that dream.

Today he owns more than five businesses employing more than 200 people and has been recognised by the Alibaba founder Jack Ma as one of the most outstanding young entrepreneur in Africa.

This week on Wealth Talk, Banabasi Marambire popularly known as Bamlo seats down with the Buy Zimbabwe founder and Minex chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere to share his amazing story of how he moved from rags to riches.

Below is the link to the story.

A Must Watch: How to make millions out of USD$15.

Imagine ! From herdboy to a successful businessman employing more than 200 people, from owning USD$15 to a multimillionaire with only an O level certificate and a driver's license.Don't miss out the story of Banabasi Marambire (Bamlo).

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